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It's best to prepare for a JavaScript coding interview well in advance.

JavaScript is a computer language commonly used in web development. It's also a core programming language on the primary level of the MIT course CS101. Many schools require applicants to submit code samples in order to apply to their schools. Therefore, it's important to know how to code in JavaScript if you want a chance at a coding job.

Currently, JavaScript is one of the most in-demand programming languages. Schools are switching over to using it for online courses and degree programs. This is because JavaScript offers many advantages over other programming languages. It's easy to read, write, and maintain code in JavaScript. Additionally, JavaScript runs on both desktop and mobile platforms, which makes it easy to target multiple platforms.

Interview questions for JavaScript can focus on problem solving abilities. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to think through issues and find solutions while working in the coding environment. Some common questions ask candidates to implement logic into a program or solve a problem with variables and data structures. This way, interviewers can see if the candidate has the necessary skills for their desired role within the organisation.

It's important to prepare for a JavaScript coding interview well in advance. This allows you to take notes and practice your answers without hindering your performance during the actual interview. You can start by familiarising yourself with the syntax and language standards for JavaScript through Codecademy or another online resource. After that, practice writing short programs and taking notes on how other people code in JavaScript. Doing this will help you improve your coding skills and ensure you're ready for any questions an interviewer may ask about your projects.

Coding interviews are an excellent way for employers to assess potential employees within their organisation. Therefore, knowing how to code in JavaScript is an essential skill for anyone trying to gain employment in the programming field. Dedicating time into learning this language will put you ahead of other candidates willing Arnab Ray/Coauthor of 'Cracking The Coding Interview'

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